About us

We believe that African hair styles such as braids or twists are beautiful works of art, which when worn with pride and elegance by women of any age or race, exude a regal aura that is priceless.

Divalocks was launched to showcase the rich and beautiful array of African braided hairstyles in a wig. Divalocks was created to give a wealth of stunning hair choices to any woman who loves African hair styles, at a reasonable cost and with minimal effort. We have a variety of exquisitely braided wigs suited for all women, such as:

  • young teenagers,
  • top executives,
  • young mums, and
  • women who lost their hair through illness.

All our wigs are well suited for all occasions. This includes the work place, college, a night out and big events like a wedding.

Braids or twists hair styles that get done at the hair salon are great, but they can take at least 4 hours to complete. In addition, it can come at a cost to overall hair health, especially a woman’s hair line. With the braided wigs, you can have beautiful:

  • micro braids,
  • micro twists,
  • Cornrows,
  • Dreadlocks
  • Faux locs
  • DivaStreaks braids, or
  • Diva Curla braids.

The desired look will be achieved within a few minutes of donning the braided wig. You will also be able to change your hair style whenever you like – for example, every day or every week. This will give your hair a well-earned break.

Our lace-front natural parting blends seamlessly with your natural hairline, providing an undetectable join to the naked eye. You can now wear these styles with confidence, knowing that your own natural hair is protected as you adorn any of our eye-catching braided styles that will naturally complement your looks.

We source our wigs directly from Africa. Each wig is painstakingly braided or twisted and hand woven onto a breathable, adjustable and light wig cap. It is then passed through our stringent quality control checks to ensure each braided wig is exquisitely finished to perfection.

Divalocks’ goal is twofold:

  • Firstly, to ensure you love your braided wigs and get the maximum wear out of your chosen style, and
  • Secondly, to provide a livelihood for the people that make the braided wigs in Africa.